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And you focus on what you 
do best!

Produce, provide services and leave the rest to us.

So the call centre 
is not just 
bamboo socks?
Of course not.


of our work
is something completely

Who are we?

We are the most technologically advanced and largest commercial call centre in Slovakia. The guarantee of high professionalism is our many years of experience and a stable team of our key managers.

Where can you find us?

Our branches are strategically located throughout Slovakia, thanks to which we can promptly solve the personnel problems of our clients. In addition, we also have branches in Hungary and Romania.

Why outsource

these services?

1. Variable costs

Convert the fixed costs for establishing and operating a call centre to variable costs – with payment for successful performance.

2. Simple calculation

Commission payment for sales reduces the risk of your investments to zero. The calculation of your costs and revenues is therefore very simple and transparent.

3. Overcoming seasonal fluctuations

Outsourcing is a way to cope with seasonal fluctuations in sales - you are not overstaffed in the off-season, and you are not overloaded during the season.

4. Personnel and equipment 
"for rent”

You use our human resources, cutting edge technical equipment and many years of know-how. Forget internal training with uncertain results and turnover!

will help

Peter Kočí

Managing Director
+421 914 101 787

Martin Minárik

Business Development
+421 914 100 756
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Our internal processes are subject to high security standards.
Our professionalism is confirmed by quality certificates that we regularly renew.

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What our clients say

  • The services that ZSE provides require very extensive communication with a huge number of clients. More than 40,000 calls, a large number of e-mails and postal items have to be dealt with every month. We are glad that we managed to find Crystal Call -- a reliable and professional partner for the comprehensive coverage of this activity. The results of the Mystery call qualitative survey testify to the high level of customer satisfaction in terms of communication, and answering questions and requests from clients.

    Jozef Foksa, ZSE Energia, a.s., member of E.on

  • In cooperation with Crystal Call, we can ensure high-level communication with clients in 6 languages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We also appreciate their high level of technical resources and security measures, thanks to which we can guarantee clients the maximum level of protection for the sensitive data we work with.

    Róbert Farkaš, Skytoll

  • Our cooperation with Crystal Call was created at a time when the life of our entire organisation was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The NCZI call centre was faced with a very demanding task, namely to provide support and assistance to the Slovak residents and to many foreigners. Thanks to the cooperation with Crystal Call, it was possible to provide even better and faster support to callers. We appreciate their high professionalism, technical resources, and especially their flexibility and feeling for working with sensitive data. In a short time, they were able to set standards and prepare a team for such a specific area of support as the area of health care provision.

    Ing. Libor Janovec, Director of the Customer Support Section

  • Cooperation with Crystal Call is prompt and efficient. Thanks to this, we managed to reach our clients in a short time and offer them the ability to communicate more effectively with our company, while helping us be more ecological. The success achieved by Crystal Call within the e-correspondence project met expectations and started our mutual cooperation.

     Vavrík Roman, SWAN


  • Crystal Call is our long-term partner, which is both stable and trustworthy, but also flexible and willing to find a solution to our every request. Thanks to them, we are able to implement long-term planned campaigns, but also those quick ad hoc activities that every company sometimes needs.

    Katarína Pobjecká, Head of the Department
    of Client Communication Management and Digital Sales


  • Crystal Call is a partner we can turn to without any worries, whether we need to invite clients to an event, find out their purchasing behaviour and make forecasts for the future, or just thank them, or update their data. Crystal Call can do it all, from the preparation of the call script and training, to making the calls, and preparing the final reporting. This is exactly how we imagine working with a professional in our field.

    Marek Juhas, Managing Director


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