Who we are

Our company Crystal Call was founded in 2004 and its registered office is in Slovakia. Over the years, we have developed into a multilingual and multi-channel call centre with a multinational scope.

We made more than 87,200,000 phone calls between 2 April 2004 and 31 December 2021.

We are currently the most technologically advanced and largest commercial call centre in Slovakia. The guarantee of high professionalism is our many years of experience and a stable team of our key managers, who have been working in our company for an average of 10 years or more.

Our strengths


Comprehensive services

We offer consulting and outsourcing of a wide range of services, starting with surveys, through sales, customer or service hotlines, to generating leads and scheduling business meetings.


Experience in every area

During our 18 years of existence, we have worked in almost every industry, from selling socks, to stress testing the hotline for a nuclear power plant explosion.


Projects of different scopes

We have worked on more than 500 projects, starting from the smallest ones served by one operator to large projects served by several hundred operators at the same time.


Crisis communication

We have experience with crisis situations, such as, for example, preparations for the first nationwide Covid testing with the NCZI, and we are currently preparing a crisis migration hotline due to the ongoing war in neighbouring Ukraine.

Our 3 pillars

Technological resources

Our way of working

    • We approach each client individually and prepare customised solutions based on analysis.
    • We first work to understanding needs and then present a solution.
    • At the beginning of every new project, we especially listen to the client to understand their needs as best as possible. Then we will professionally evaluate the situation and, based on our many years of know-how, propose a solution that will bring maximum benefit.
    • We focus mainly on long-term solutions, because we know that only long-term and high-quality cooperation based on knowing the client and involving the client in the process brings the right results and long-term meaning.

Wide scope

    • Our branches are strategically located throughout Slovakia, thanks to which we can promptly solve the personnel problems of our clients. In addition, we also have branches in Hungary and Romania
    • We have a network of partner call centres around the world and can provide language mutations that are not normally available on our market.
    • We focus on the region of Central and Eastern Europe, where we have built a broad and stable technical and employee base.
    • Our strengths include a deep knowledge of local markets and their specifics, which we keep up-to-date with the help of our own research and analysis.
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