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Comprehensive research

Data is important for decisions in every type of business. Whether it is the preferences of potential customers, the experiences of current customers - satisfaction or problems – you can find all of this in the Power BI environment, which makes the most important data available to you.

For a survey to bring you really relevant information, the questions must be properly composed and formulated. Knowledge of psychology, know-how and, last but not least, the work of people who are friendly and have certain communication skills are critical. In addition to the time requirement, these are the important factors that lead to a logical conclusion: leave the implementation and assessment of surveys to professionals.

Research with custom assessment

Comprehensive research at a professional level will be provided by our sister company Crystal Research, which, thanks to its rich experience, can effectively set up project design, collect data, prepare valuable outputs, interpret and implement the results. When implementing research projects, Crystal Research focuses on the first-class quality of data collection and processing based on detailed knowledge and understanding of client needs.

What do we research?


Customer satisfaction surveys

Customer satisfaction is behind the success of many companies. Are your customers satisfied or are they spreading negative information about you on social networks? Identification of customer needs and satisfaction is key to the long-term growth of companies.

    • Satisfied customers spread the word about your company.
    • References and recommendations are a key factor in purchasing decisions. 
    • Satisfied customers are loyal and will buy again.
    • Being able to respond quickly to customer problems is a strong competitive advantage. 
    • Survey results are available immediately in the online interactive Power BI environment. 
    • The survey will immediately reveal an unsatisfied customer (satisfaction index), you will receive a notification by email and you can resolve the situation before the company's reputation is damaged.
    • Data collection takes place by phone and email.

Reference:  Intrum Justitia, s.r.o.

We designed and developed a customised satisfaction survey for our client, which operates in the area of receivables management.

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    Martin Minárik
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