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Looking to reduce costs and increase sales efficiency?

Correctly implemented telemarketing is a very effective form of sales, if only because of active communication with the client. You don't wait for them to come to your store or see your ad and then maybe decide to buy.

The main advantages of telesales include immediate feedback. This allows you to determine just what the customer is interested in or not, their needs, and their expectations. However, you can also capture negative reactions and thus easily deduce the limits of sales potential.

You also have a database of customers who have already bought from you, and for whom the UP SALE and CROSS SALE success rate is 4 to 6 times higher than that of new customers.

Given the time and personnel required to successfully implement this form of sales, the logical step is to outsource this service and convert the fixed costs of setting up and operating the call centre into variable costs – with payment for success.

Advantages of outsourcing telesales


Variable costs

Your costs become variable rather than fixed – regardless of success.


Simple calculation

Commission payment for sales reduces the risk of your investments to zero. The calculation of your costs and revenues is therefore very simple and transparent.


You pay for results

Unlike other forms of marketing, you usually only pay for results with us.


Overcoming seasonal fluctuations

Outsourcing is a way to cope with seasonal fluctuations in sales – you are not overstaffed in the off-season, and you are not overloaded during the season.


Personnel and equipment "for rent"

You use our human resources, cutting edge technical equipment and many years of know-how. Forget about lengthy internal training with uncertain results and staff turnover.

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    Martin Minárik
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