3 pillars

on which we build


Technological resources

We are at home in the most modern technologies! Our call centre meets the strictest IT security standards

We are the most technologically advanced and largest commercial call centre in Slovakia. From the point of view of physical security, all our server elements are located in a highly equipped Data Centre that meets the TIER III + standard. Individual facilities are secured by a CCTV and electronic access card system and are interconnected in such a way as to ensure uninterrupted operation. Some operations are also connected to an independent backup energy source.

The central locations and all contact centre servers are backed up online with database replication and connected to a UPS + diesel generator, which in turn ensures continuous operation even in the event of a power failure. Voice and data lines are provided to us by three independent telecommunications operators in both fibre optic and as "over the air" connections, which guarantees our clients continuous services. Crystal Call completes a technology audit every year.

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Human resources

We rely on quality people

Quality matters and we at Crystal Call know this well. Our clients are therefore looked after by a team of professionals. We automatically assign a project manager to each new project, who will be at your disposal 24 hours a day. We currently employ over 900 trained operators who work in three 24/7 shifts at over 400 operator locations.

Thanks to them, we have become a leading player in several European markets. Our employees are ready to provide you with only the best services at a professional international level.

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Internal processes

    • Know-how and experience from more than 450 separate projects implemented every year
    • We hold ISO 9001:2015 quality certification
    • We use only the most modern technologies. We are the most technologically advanced and largest commercial call centre in Slovakia.
    • A system for automatically and regularly sending reports and statistics according to your chosen criteria.
    • Refined management processes based on experience. Strong orientation towards achieving goals that we set together with our clients.
    • Every project has its own project manager assigned to it
    • We regularly evaluate our work among clients at the group and individual level
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