Communication is a game,

if you know the rules

In the last couple of years the customer care is becoming a common part of strategy of trading companies.In the highly-growing competition on the market the active communication with customer becomes fundamental.Companies exhibit a shift from „product focused“ to „customer focused“ – originated for client, managed by client.In the case of correctly chosen tool there is a high probability, that being in touch might signify added value not only for client, but especially for the company.

The customer is always right

Behaviour of the customer and his expectations are changing by the time.Today´s costumers are more sophisticated, informed and also very hard to please.They may select from multiple options, therefore they naturally have bigger expectations regarding to the services provided by the company.Waiting for the respond from the potential client can also mean the fact, that in today´s outsize competition someone else will take care of our customer.

Alhough the first step towards the client, which frequently means the primary investition, often use to end up as succesful gain and an added value ( of course, considering the fact, that the investition is properly planned and appropriately directed).


Accost, but first, think over.The most important is the communication form – it should be customized for the final group of clients, offered product or any other circumstances.The most common ways to communicate are face to face, by telephone, by correspondence or by e-mail. Every client is unique, that is why the concept of „ideal communication“ doesn´t exist – every single way of interaction have its limitations.The right choice is the combination of various methods, because appealing to your clients in regular periods of time and also in the same manner means building a base of clients resistant towards any other interaction.

Don´t be affraid to accost potential and existing customers.Ask, take an interest, present your company. Initiative means answers, that might be (and often is) very useful tool that will instantly resurrect your business.Observant analysis of the information may trigger the progress – removal of barriers, avoiding of conflicts or easier solving of small flaws with customer in general .Live interaction with client is the right marketing tool which can affect final sucess in a large extent.Quoting the words of R.Collier „Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.“

Know How

The preparation of a good – quality pro-client oriented campaign requires particularly time and experience.As far as you prefer profesionality and comfort, a team of our skilled experts will gladly give you a hand with realization, analysis and completion of your campaign.

In a case, that in the future you will be wondering about how to refresh your business, you shouldn´t consider only inovations in the sphere of offered products but also in the sphere of communication with customers.Many times, a brillant product won´t be recognized because of incorrect presentation.That´s why it´s important to accost, analyse the customer´s needs, care and don´t be afraid of innovations – as a founder of one of the biggest companies in the wold, Steve Jobs, once declaimed „Innovationdistinguishes between a leader and a follower.“

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