To ensure the right functioning of Crystal Call, a.s. website, we sometimes store small data files - the so-called cookies - in your device.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored by the website in your computer or mobile device at the time of your visit.

  • Host domain cookies are cookie files stored by the website you are currently browsing. Only this particular website can read them. A website may use third-party services which also store their own cookies known as third-party cookies.
  • Persistent cookies are cookies stored in your computer which are not automatically deleted once the browser is closed, unlike session cookies which are lost once the browser closes.

The aim is to allow the website to store information regarding your settings and browser preferences, e.g., text size, preferred language, colour preferences, etc. for a certain period of time.

Thanks to that, you don’t have to re-enter your preferences when visiting the website.

Cookies can also be used to create anonymized statistics on the use of our website.


How are cookies used on our website ?

Cookies are used to increase the efficiency of your visits on our website and to collect analytical information, e.g., on the number of visitors on our website.

Cookies help us gather information on the use of our website in a better way. However, we do not collect your personal data and information in them. Only a unique session identifier is stored, which helps us reload the user’s profile and preferences upon your next visit on our website.

We use Google Analytics cookies to measure traffic and to record incidents, Google Adwords cookies to track traffic for remarketing purposes and cookies are also used in Hotjar analytical tool, which helps us constantly improve our website.


More information on Google’s use of cookies can be found here.

More information on Hotjar’s use of cookies can be found here.


How can you manage your cookies?

You can manage/remove cookies based on your preferences - more information can be found at


Removing cookies from a device

By deleting the browsing history in your browser, you can remove all cookies stored in your device. This will delete all cookies from all websites you have visited.

However, please note that you may also lose some stored information (e.g., stored login details and website preferences).


Managing website-specific cookies

If you wish to receive more detailed information on cookies specific to a particular website, please check your personal data protection and cookie settings in your favourite browser.


Blocking cookies

Most modern browsers can be set to prevent the storage of all cookies in your device, in that case you may have to modify certain preferences manually upon each visit of a website. In addition, some services and features may not work properly.





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