about the intermediation of financial services

under Act No. 186/2009 on Financial Intermediation and Financial Advisory (“Financial Intermediation Act”)

1. Details of the independent financial agent (“independent financial agent”)

Business name: Crystal Call, a.s.
Registered office: Hálkova 1/A, 831 03 Bratislava
Areas of operation: Provision of loans, insurance and reinsurance
Register of independent financial agents
Registration number: 142787
Verification of registration in the register:
Date on which licensing to provide financial intermediation services took effect: 14 July 2011


2. Details on property connections and cooperation with financial institutions

The independent financial agent carries out financial intermediation on the basis of a written contract with several financial institutions, these written contracts are non-exclusive in nature.

Current list of financial institutions: Union poisťovňa, a.s., Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s., Colonnade Insurance S.A., a branch of an insurance company from another member state.

The independent financial agent does not have a qualified participation in the share capital or voting rights of the financial institution. The financial institution does not have / has a share in the share capital and voting rights of the independent financial agent.


3. Procedure for filing a complaint related to financial intermediation

A complaint may be addressed to the independent financial agent at Hálková 1/A, 831 03 Bratislava in writing, or may be made verbally into the official ledger, with respect to any actions taken in the performance of financial intermediation in breach of applicable legislation. If the outcome is not satisfactory, a written complaint may be filed with the supervisory authority under the Financial Intermediation Act. Disputes related to financial intermediation may be resolved in the courts or outside of the courts. Act 420/2004 on Mediation and on amendment of other acts governs the out-of-court settlement of disputes arising from financial intermediation.


4. Fees and other costs related to the intermediated financial service

No fees or other costs are related to the conclusion of an insurance policy. Fees are associated with investment life insurance policies, the amount of which is specified in the rate list posed on the websites of the individual insurers with whom the independent financial agent has concluded an intermediation agreement. Fees are associated with some non-life insurance products, the amounts of which are specified in the relevant terms and conditions of insurance.


5.  Clients

A non-professional client is defined as a natural person to whom financial intermediation is provided for a personal need, or the need of members of their household.

A professional client is any client who is not classified as a non-professional client. A professional client is entitled to request to be treated as a non-professional client. Such treatment shall be provided on the basis of a written declaration.

A potential client is a person who has been presented with an offer or invitation for the purpose of providing financial intermediation.


6. Legal consequences of concluding a contract

The legal consequence of concluding a financial service contract is primarily the creation of rights and obligations of both the client and the financial institution arising from the contract and business conditions. A financial service contract is an obligation of both parties, or the right to an agreed financial performance for an agreed period. If the business conditions allow it, the parties may agree to change the contractual conditions during the duration of the contractual relationship. Unilateral modification of the terms and conditions of contract is not possible. Premature termination of a financial service contract as well as non-fulfilment of the obligations arising from the contract may result in the application of sanctions.


7.  The existence of any monetary payment or non-monetary payment received by the financial agent from a person other than the client – remuneration.

The financial agent receives a fee for mediating a financial service from a financial institution. This remuneration must not hinder the intermediary's obligation to act in the interest of the client in accordance with the principles of fair business dealings and the obligation to act with professional care. The emergence of entitlement to remuneration and the amount and payment terms for such remuneration are regulated in special contracts with individual financial institutions.


8. Financial institution failure protection system

In the lending sector, protection is provided in the conditions established by law, when a bank or other creditor or their legal successor can demand early repayment of the loan.

Each insurance company is subject to supervision by the National Bank of Slovakia and, in order to ensure the ability to fully cover all obligations arising from insurance contracts, creates technical reserves in the scope and amount set by the Insurance Act.


9. Protection of personal data

The independent financial agent shall process the personal data of a client for the purposes of conducting financial intermediation and for other purposes as stipulated in §31 of the Financial Intermediation and Financial Advisory Act. The client will provide the subordinate financial agent with the required personal data; if the client does not provide them, the financial agent may not provide financial intermediation to the client.

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